Board of Directors

Dr. Phillip Hadley, Board Chair
Headmaster, Virginia Episcopal School 
Lynchburg, Virginia USA 
Dr. Hadley is a leader in education and administration, currently serving as the headmaster of the private preparatory Virginia Episcopal School and previously serving as the headmaster at Bishops School in La Jolla, CA. He is bi-lingual and has facilitated educational summer programs in Mexico for more than 30 years. He brings extensive expertise in education and leadership and years of experience working in Mexico to his board role.

Jeanette Leehr, Board President  
Television Producer
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Ms. Leehr produces arts and cultural television programs for public
television, and has organized community dialogues and events around important community issues including food security and sustainability.   She has studied international relations and law and brings to the board both business and public service expertise. Before joining the board ten years ago, Ms. Leehr founded the non-profit HarmoniAmerica Foundation, along with actor Edward James Olmos, to focus on issues of indigenous people in poverty. As the previous Board Chair of Los Niños
, Ms. Leehr stewarded the organization through the launch of its new name, Via International, and broadening initiatives including the Global Dialogues and Via Scholars programs.

Joan Bryden, Vice-Chair 
Radio Producer and Program Director 
Port Clinton, Ohio USA  
Ms. Bryden is the program director and producer of "Talk at Ten", a radio show airing daily in Port Clinton, Ohio. She focuses on community development and positive human interest stories that educate and inspire public interest and engagement. An active volunteer in Cleveland and San Diego, she has extensive personal and professional experience in non-profit development work and community service.

Susan Pinza, Vice-Chair  
Professor, Bakersfield College
Bakersfield, California USA
An experienced and talented educator with particular expertise in the field of Bi-lingual and Development Education at Bakersfield College in central California, Ms. Pinza has been affiliated with Los Niños for more than 30 years as active volunteer and board member.

Dr. Robert Kolesar, Secretary
Professor, John Carroll University
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Dr. Robert Kolesar is a professor at John Carroll University with years of educational expertise and field experience in educational travel and student service learning programs in Central and South America. The author of a newly released book on the history of Los Niños, Dr. Kolesar is the chair of the Via International Institute for Community Development and Voluntourism Committee.

Walter Ludlow, Finance Officer
Certified Public Accountant
San Diego, California USA 
A financial professional working in the US and Mexico, Mr. Ludlow is bi-lingual and has supported community development efforts through Los Niños for more than 15 years.

William Bramley, Chair Emeritus
Attorney at Law
San Diego, California USA 
As prior Board Chair, Mr. Bramley brought valuable leadership, dedication, and vision to Los Niños and has further supported the organization's work with legal and non-profit law expertise, financial guidance, and micro credit program stewardship. He has served Los Niños for more than 25 years.

Jim McLaughlin, Member
Professional Photographer
Queensbury, NY USA
Mr. McLaughlin carries on the family legacy of community service by serving on the Board of Directors of Los Niños and Via International. A talented artist and professional photographer, Mr. McLaughlin brings to Los Niños and Via International a wealth of creative expertise, business resources, and community engagement opportunities.

Connie Noterman, Member
Development Officer
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
A resident of Minneapolis, Ms. Noterman brings a history of personal service and professional non-profit and business development expertise to the work of Los Niños and Via International. She is active in her community and also participated in the first and second Via International Global Dialogues for Responsibility held at the Joan B. Kroc Center for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego in the fall of 2009 and at Virginia Tech University in April 2010.


Peter Skerry
Professor - Boston College
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Fred Clark
Financial Manager
La Jolla, California USA

John Glassman
Non-profit Executive
Lawrence, Kansas USA


Ralph and Cheryl Broetje
Prescott, Washington USA

Mavis Cain
San Rafael, California USA

Don and Virginia Kreuzberger
Woodland Hills, California USA

Marion McLaughlin
Buffalo, New York USA

Gotkowitz Family

Edward James Olmos
Encino, California USA

Elena Rauen
Los Gatos, California USA

Lifetime Legacy Board Emeritus 

Ace Cain - California, USA
For many years, Mr. Cain provided leadership on the board and enrolled many others in service to the organization. 

Joseph Gotkowitz - California, USA 
Mr. Gotkowitz provided direction as the organization expanded community development expertise and founded the first microcredit initiative. 

William McLaughlin - New York, USA 
Affiliated with Los Niños for more than 30 years, Mr. McLaughlin was an avid supporter, dedicated board member, and active community member.

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