Los Niños Programs| Micro Enterprise for Family
Financial Security
Economic Sustainability
Los Niños has been working in the border region for over 28 years. Experience has shown us that successful community development must include and promote economic development and sustainability. 

Micro-Credit and Micro-Enterprise Programs
In working with low-income community members to address their needs, Los Niños has recognized its obligation to provide opportunities in this arena. As one of our program participants has stated: "I know what to feed my children, I need more income to provide for that". 

Health and education are significant needs that have been identified by Los Niños program participants. Income-generating activities provide a critical means for participants to create self-reliant systems that address these needs. Community and individual family well-being is enhanced by providing access to credit, as well as by offering training to support the establishment of income-generating activities. 

Increased Household Income
The Micro-Credit and the Micro-Enterprise programs have proven successful in producing increased household income. This increase in household income provides families with more disposable income to address child health and support education costs. Through these vital programs, Los Niños is able to empower participants to become their own best resource.