Los Niños Bee Events | Building Self Reliance

A Brief History

In 1999, a small group of women and an agricultural specialist from Mexicali, Mexico decided that they would embark on an effort to generate much needed additional income for themselves and their families.  They selected apiculture (beekeeping) as their trade.

They approached Los Niños, and Los Niños assisted them with a small micro-credit loan to get started which covered the cost of one bee-suit and two beehives.

Between 2000 and 2003, El Proyecto Apicultura Comunitaria, "The Community Apiculture Project," grew to include 7 women. They purchased their first extraction equipment to simplify the removal of honey from the beeswax honeycomb and began to train family members to support their fledgling enterprise.

In addition to honey, the women produced beeswax candles, healing salves & ointments, facial & hand creams. But in late 2003, the demand for their products began to outpace the supply. and they needed a means to secure additional hives in order to expand their business.

Receiving instructions on how to build a beehive box. These boxes will hold a new colony of bees and their honey creates income for families of the communities around Mexicali.

The Birth of the "Beehive Assembly Event"
Corporate Social Responsibility and team building made their debuts in the mid-1980’s. At the time, CEO’s were looking to increase philanthropic endeavors and improve the internal efficiencies across and between departments. Since that time, countless team building options have been created to address these needs.

Los Niños decided to create a formula that includes the achievement of philanthropic purpose and increasing efficiency, with the added benefit of long-term sustainability. The resulting activity, the "Beehive Assembly Event" assists both companies and the Mexicali women & families.

Participants have the opportunity to engage in a team building exercise, learn about the unique needs of women and families in the Border Region, and educate themselves on one of the most prolific metaphors of team-oriented functionality in nature - the beehive!

The Benefits

For The Women of Mexicali

The work that this growing industry creates for people is changing lives in its path forever. Ladies that once had no self-confidence and were reluctant to hold their heads up during a conversation have been transformed. After participating with El Proyecto Apicultura Comunitaria and learning a skill that can support their families, they are now filled with self-worth and happy confidence.

For Participants

As a group of volunteers that assist with this project, you also gain a new richness in your understanding of poverty and the means by which individuals can imprive their lives. Your efforts to complete an assembled beehive has an average life-expectancy of 10 years and can support the women to generate an additional $150 - $200 annually.

Just Like Busy Bees - Children May Also Participate!
Like a colony of honeybees working together and creating honey, the Los Niños Bee Events bring together individuals company-wide to collaborate and support the development of self-reliant people.

Join us to make changes in more lives. You can even involve young people in these events. We have conducted events with children age 5 and up. Watch the change in youngsters when they learn how to help hammer and build a beehive. It is AMAZING!

Choice of Venue

No travel is necessary to participate in a Beehive Assembly Event! This is especially good news for groups with little time, yet a sincere desire to make a difference. Most companies select a hotel ballroom or outdoor space to conduct these events. Either is appropriate, weather permitting, of course.

Touring Baja Norte
If you are interested in conducting an event in Mexicali, come visit us! Mexicali is the capitol city of Baja Norte. We invite you to explore its agriculture, history, geography and trade in what is also known as the land of the Chichanillas!

Socially Responsible Events
To make your next conference, meetings,mixer or social event a Socially Responsible one, contact us atb 619-434-6230 for information.